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Well, I’m sure ready for summer.

Top: ASOS (longline caged bikini)
Bottom: Forever21

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Mt. Sneffels, Colorado | Cinematic Photography

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Edward Roussou - Hands, 1990

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Trying to document my hair tornado.

Then my cat’s yeti howl made me laugh.

So many baby hairs.

I have gorgeous friends.

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Fabulous hair day requires photographic documentation. 

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Wow! Your submission to curve appeal gave my a huge confidence boost. We are the same size and have similar measurments but when I saw you're picture I saw you totally differently than I saw myself. Thank you for being honest and confident and sharing it with me

Thank you! I’m glad you found them helpful. Honestly, it’s one of the main reasons I post and share my photos. We’re often our own worst critics, so our perceptions of ourselves are much more skewed than what other people see.